Sri Lanka arrive in Pakistan for first Test series since 2009 attack

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Sri Lanka have now arrived in Pakistan since a 2009 gun attack for its hosts’ first Test in their country.
Six people were killed and several players were wounded when the Sri Lanka team bus had been ambushed in March 2009 in Lahore.
Nearly all Pakistan’s home Test matches have taken place at the United Arab Emirates.
Pakistan Cricket Board chief executive Wasim Khan said Sri Lanka’s coming marked an”historic occasion”.
International championships returned to Pakistan in 2015 if they hosted Zimbabwe, enjoying with three internationals in addition to two Twenty20 internationals in a series which has been overshadowed by a suicide bombing outside the Lahore stadium.
Sri Lanka played with three ODIs and three T20 matches available in September and October, although a few of their players chose not to take part.
But their upcoming tour of Pakistan marks the return of Test cricket to the country, with the first Test starting in the second taking place in Karachi in 19 along with Rawalpindi on Wednesday December.
“This is my very first tour to Pakistan,” said Sri Lanka captain Dimuth Karunaratne.
“Following the 2009 events, players were scared to tour Pakistan but in the previous two decades roughly Sri Lanka and other teams have toured Pakistan.
“we would like to play decent cricket in Pakistan and trust they give us some fantastic security.”
Khan added:”Pakistan’s losses as a result of non-hosting of worldwide cricket are considerable.
“Pakistan cricket supporters have been denied the chance to see their personalities play reside in our nationwide stadiums.”

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