Steven Gerrard has no regrets about criticising Rangers players

Steven Gerrard says he has no regrets regarding criticising his Rangers players.
The Rangers manager admitted his group”failed to handle the heat” once they lost 2-1 in Rugby Park and also revealed players could face questions regarding their guts after dropping 10 points behind Celtic in the title race.
Rangers have a match to perform against Neil Lennon’s side, but Celtic are favourites to seal a successive Scottish domain.
Speaking before Saturday’s game with Livingston, Gerrard said:”My method of looking back in what I mentioned is that I always attempt to be fair.
“I really don’t wish to get into a situation where folks don’t believe me or it is not authentic.
“At the time, I felt as if we’d actually down ourselves and I took responsibility for the team’s performance on the night.
“So that I don’t have any regrets about what I said on the night.”
Gerrard added:”We’ve played ourselves into this position, not only on the evening but because we’ve come back from the winter break.
“I also have to speak to a fanbase that is globally and I believe that they would like me to be truthful, pointed and true in the way I talk.
“Therefore I don’t need to sit here and change my way. My door is always available. If (a participant ) isn’t happy then we could talk it and analyse the situation.
“These players have experienced an extraordinary amount of praise and security from me since day one and that will last.
“But if I see things that I do not feel are right at that instant – good, bad or indifferent – that I shall always speak the truth.”
The Rangers boss added:”Am I permitted to criticise my own players? Is that not my occupation? What’s the issue? What could you have thought about me if I had said after the game,’there is not any issue here, it’s all nice?’
“We are at a club where people need appropriate people who are ready to acquire and also to accept liability and responsibility.
“That’s exactly what I need to do as a manager. Constructive criticism for a supervisor coming my way today is totally fine. I deserve it.”
Rangers have now watched their rivals storm ahead in the title racebut Gerrard said:”Under my opinion nobody will probably be giving anything up or conceding anything. We will continue to battle.
“We played ourselves into a fantastic position in the first half of the season but over the previous 3 weeks, we’ve played ourselves into a few complications.
“But I have belief I have the appropriate people with me to improve that and get back involved in that (name race).”

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