Stevenage boss Mark Sampson vows to clear his name following FA charge of using racist language

Former England Women manager and current Stevenage caretaker manager Mark Sampson insists he’ll fight to clear his name after being left”devastated” by a Football Association charge of using language that is racist.
Sampson was charged by the FA in midweek after an allegation by a former trainer at the League Two club.
Stevenage, who transferred the base of this League Two standings after a 0-0 draw at Walsall on Saturday, said in September that racism allegations surrounding their caretaker boss had”no foundation”, after running their own investigation.
The 37-year-old has been accused of having made the comment to a coach who used to work with the League Two club earlier this year and it had been alleged that the remark was aimed in a conversation about transport goals.
Sampson, who was named in the League Two side after the dismissal of both Dino Maamria this year, denies the accusations.
He said:”I’m very disappointed that I have been billed. I said at the beginning that the allegation is false.
“What I’ll do is struggle to make sure I clear my name and fight to be certain that all the evidence that should be viewed is seen.
“I’m devastated, it’s as straightforward as that. This is a scenario that the football club don’t deserve and they’ve been incredible standing by me.
“It has been a hard time but ultimately I’m totally confident in the signs I will give and then the perfect choice will be made”

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