Sunday’s Best NBA Total: Celtics vs Knicks

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Jason’s 2019-20 NBA Selects on Listing via Nov. 29: 6-6 ATS, 12-9 Totals

They did it to us. Even the New York Knicks covered the spread Friday night; the Philadelphia 76ers defeat them 101-95, but they only shot 7-of-26 from long variety, allowing New York to slide away as 6.5-point house dogs around the closing line. I might yell.

More pertinently for people now, these Atlantic Division competitions went”below” the posted total of 209.5 points on the NBA odds board. And we are sticking with this choice for Sunday’s game at the Garden. The Boston Celtics are coming into town, and it’s a matinee match, so we’re not too worried about this terrible boy opening at 209.5 again.
We touched the Knicks at Saturday’s matchup between Sacramento Kings and the Denver Nuggets, which has already seen the entire dip since the open from 209 to 206. Such as the Nuggets and Kings, New York works at a really slow pace; the Celtics are nevertheless another half-court snoozefest at No. 20 overall in pace, and they’ll be even slower Sunday should they enjoy the Big Apple the night before.

The C’s are also somewhat mediocre on offense at No. 13 overall, down from eighth year today that Kyrie Irving and Al Horford have skipped the town. Kemba Walker (plus-4.9 OBPM, minus-0.8 DBPM) might ultimately be much better teammate than Irving (plus-6.0 OBPM, plus-0.4 DBPM past year), however he does not generate as much crime, also Daniel Theis (minus-2.6 OBPM, plus-4.6 DBPM) is a much larger drag on scoring, where Horford (plus-2.1 OBPM, plus-2.7 DBPM) utilized to flourish at Kelly green.
Boston can still play a defense, obviously. They rank ninth overall in that section, albeit down from last year; additionally they won’t have Gordon Hayward (plus-3.2 OBPM, plus-0.6 DBPM) back before Christmas or so, because he recovers from his broken left hand. The C’s have the”beneath” at 6-4 because Hayward went down.

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