Taison ban for reacting to racist abuse questioned by Shakhtar Donetsk coach

Shakhtar Donetsk coach Luis Castro says it is”odd” midfielder Taison was prohibited after being subjected to racial abuse.
After responding to racist abuse by gesturing and kicking a ball at Dynamo Kiev buffs on November 28, the Brazilian obtained a one-game ban in the Allied FA.
Castro was asked about the subject because he came on Tuesday in England before his side’s Champions League Group C clash with Manchester City in the Etihad Stadium.
“Racism is a very sensitive subject,” Castro explained. “It’s a problem not only in football but in every part of the society. It will not irritate us and it is among the plagues in the world. There’s not any way to put it in to words.
“Every one of us feels despair from what happened but we know people are beings that are unpredictable. Individuals do make mistakes and there, a bit worse than others.
“All of us agree that racism should finish, such as child labour, domestic violence, crime, wars and many others plagues.
“With this particular circumstance, we should not tolerate this in soccer. Can I agree with Taison’s suspension? It is odd to find the offended being punished.
“But I must accept the principles. It doesn’t matter if I agree or not before rules are written, it does matter.
“Right now I just have to accept it, support my player and try to assist him to not feel this distinction that some people want to inflict. Let’s proceed with our squad, a place which everybody has the same rights.”

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