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After a record-breaking day for domestic netball at England, Tamsin Greenway looks back at some of the key talking points out of the Vitality Netball Superleague’s Season Opener.
At the start of a global cycle, changes happen not only within teams but a brand new breed of gamers come through the ranks that are national and that was evident in Birmingham.
Personally, I’d probably reevaluate how many secure sport time and youngsters were planning to make the 10s.
From the day’s first game, together with Funmi Fadoju coming on for Pulse, to the past and Sienna Rushton getting her cap at Wasps, there has been much to like.
Funmi is somebody I had heard about for a while but hadn’t seen play in person until Saturday. The impact had against Sirens was awesome. I loved on a Superleague court she seemed at home and she was ball she made her hands on.
It was fantastic to visit their match being entered by Kira Rothwell at GA as it is such a tough field of the court but she did a excellent job and steadied their assault when it was wanted by them.
It was the game of the day, Loughborough Lightning carrying on Team Bath Netball at which we saw the requirement but also a enormous quantity of youngsters.
Together with Nat Panagarry injury and Vicki Oyesola and Hannah Joseph nevertheless returning from injury, Lightning were made to use players at the same time than they had planned to.
The superbly gifted Jas Odeogberin, who has so much potential didn’t have the help around it made for a challenging time.
Naturally, it was great to find players such as Hannah Williams and Alice Harvey in court but I am guessing head trainer Sara Bayman would have loved to get them supported.
She’d have wished to have had them learning their trade with other people around them. She was forced to own them on courtroom at precisely the time and that meant that they struggled to get back in the competition with Toilet.
Team Bath’s younger players had expertise around them, such as Tash Pavelin with Summer Artman and Imogen Allison next to her.
The two have valuable experience this past calendar year, having played Eboni Usorob-Brown and Serena Guthrie although Summer and Imogen are young in years also.
I’d love to see a lot of these young players Since the rounds last. That’s a challenge, and sometimes accidents work against you as Sara sadly experienced on Saturday.
But if coaches are able to play their youngsters within the proper combinations, we’ll see them flourish, drive the upwards and build a wonderful future for those clubs.
Let us return to the day’s match and the last minutes between Surrey Storm and Celtic Dragons.
Just to re-cap, Dragons moved with a advantage to the final quarter and had led for nearly all the game. Storm provedn’t at their best but were throughout and kept themselves.
Mikki Austin’s side led 44-43 with 17 minutes left on the 17, after dragging back it. Storm had another Centre Pass nonetheless, Lorraine Kowalewska was trying to find slowing the ball down and a penalty pass was given to Dragons in the middle circle.
Together with the ownership, Dragons fed the ball to the border, the umpire held time two before the final feed went in with a second. We all thought that there was going to be shot or penalty pass granted, however, that wasn’t called by the umpire.
There was confusion and was predicted. There was some talk amongst the players after that maybe there might have been confusion about extra-time with us asking what has happened?! but it was just a strange end to the game
Contests being determined in the seconds is exactly what we all would like to watch, but what we will need to make sure is that there’s real clarity throughout the board.
Netball is a sport that is goal-for-goal and you’re likely to get late match-winning moments, so we need to help everybody. Players, coaches and much more significantly umpires require that aid prevent of the confusion and so as to receive the best out of them.
It was absolutely incredible to watch over 9,000 individuals at also a number that eclipsed the Netball World Cup final last July, a record crowd for a event in England and Arena Birmingham.
I’ve been concerned with a great deal of netball game events that were significant but what created this special, was the audience were inside the arena from begin to finish.
Just before the match Whitney Houston was performed and the arena was on their toes, almost seven hours. Their energy was amazing the conversations were all about real netball, and once I had the chance to go around and speak to people.
I know that seems like a ridiculous thing to say, it had been a netball occasion after all, but that’s sometimes not the situation. Everyone was talking to me about approaches different players, teams and my role as the head coach of Scotland
Speaking to the gamers , I know that they felt that the nerves too and how eager they were to run-out facing such a crowd that is huge! Therefore it was a huge chance to experience, so many haven’t played with netball.
As drivers, advocates and fans of their netball, we must be proud of where the game has obtained to.
The house at Arena Birmingham should be something which partners and sponsors take note of, netball that there’s more to come and continues to move forward.
In my opinion, the group of the day award must go to Saracens Mavericks.
They stepped up to the battle and it turned out to be a significant challenge as well having trailed after the first quarter against Stars by six. The way in which they reacted in that next quarter, and during the rest of the match, was great.
On the afternoon I stated that this might be their year and that I do believe that it could be. I think what sets them aside in the present time is the way much flair they have got.
Because they needed to get used to their, Wasps and thunder were ordered in Birmingham. It seemed more natural out on court whereas for their unit that was settled and Mavs. They seemed to have much more fun and have been looser.
In defence, I believed that Razia Quashie had been exceptional.
She’s one of a number’young’ players that should step up and anymore. After a sluggish first quarter, her side and she did exactly that and now it’s about balancing.
Finally, her very own special mention is deserved by Latanya Wilson. She was outstanding and I loved her job.
Prior to his match, I wasn’t certain if Dragons would have sufficient structure around her, but Paige Kindred along with Abby Tyrrell out in front’s duo were fantastic.
Storm didn’t know exactly what to do with Latanya and she got her hands on everything.
This was a really remarkable Superleague introduction. Because she is likely to be subjected to various styles and tactics, latanya is going to get better with every game, she’ll learn .
Tactically teams will need to plan on herlike they had to do with Shamera Sterling. What a debut it was I can not wait to see her development as the season continues.
Coverage of the Vitality Netball Superleague year continues on Monday, March two when London Pulse amuse, unite us on Sky Sports YouTube, Mix and Arena .

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