Temporary substitutions for concussion likely to be introduced in Euro 2020

Temporary substitutions for footballers suspected of being concussed are very likely to become for next summer’s Euro 2020, Sky Sports News understands.
Rugby utilizes a system team doctors make an initial assessment of a player on the pitch, and then withdraw them whether the player displays any indications of potential concussion.
While the player is off the pitch teams are allowed to earn if the player is deemed fit to come back a temporary substitution, which may be reversed.
The International Football Association Board (IFAB), football’s lawmakers, are currently considering a similar approach for football, which would be released for the very first time at Euro 2020.
The global players’ union FiFPRO is regarded as supportive of the idea and so is UEFA, which introduced a statement from October calling substitutions to be introduced.
The IFAB then set up an expert group to look into the viability of the but any changes to the principles have to be proposed and supplied by the law-making entire body.
“The panels agreed that any alternatives would have to take consideration of both participant welfare and the need to guarantee sporting equity,” the IFAB stated in a declaration.
Sky Sports News has been told the issue will be discussed in the IFAB Annual Industry Meeting in Belfast and then put through to a vote in the AGM on February 29th.
If warranted, the law changes will come into effect on June 1, 2020 – and also the Euro 2020 finals would be the first time that aggressive football would be played under the new rules, until they are subsequently introduced at the Premier League, EFL and also Scottish Premiership.

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