Tennis Australia to celebrate Margaret Court but oppose her personal views

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Court won all four figures in 1970 during an illustrious career that had known at the next year’s Open for recognition and given a 24 grand slam successes.
On the other hand, the 77-year-old, currently a Pentecostal pastor in Western Australia, has attracted controversy for expressing opposition to same-sex marriage and tennis has been”filled with lesbians.”
Such opinions prompted former rival Billie Jean King to call for the Australian’s title to be stripped off at last season’s tournament out of Melbourne Park’s Margaret Court Arena.
However, in an additional letter, Tennis Australia said it wouldn’t”rewrite history”.
“Australia is lucky Margaret Court’s extraordinary playing achievements form part of the national tennis background,” the letter read.
“Naturally, we will be recognizing Margaret and her amazing tennis record, and contrary to a lot of reports, there’s absolutely not any strategy to’rewrite history’.”
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Notably, the regulating body reiterated its stance against Court’s personal views which”fracture our incredible tennis community.”
“We admire that everybody has the right to an opinion — and also a right to say it,” the letter added.
“Equally, all of us share an obligation that although living our lives we do not hurt others, and we understand there are impacts to our voice.
“Publicly stated views of intolerance and demeaning language about the others may have enormous effect, and are particularly harmful and hurtful to people who think they are concentrated.”
Court’s listing of 24 slam titles is unmatched in the women’s match and either the men’s. Serena Williams is next on the listing with 23, before Steffi Graf’s 22.
The Open runs to 27.

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