Tiger Woods aiming to repeat 2019 Masters ‘blueprint’

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Tiger Woods will not prepare this year’s Pros differently to year, because he looks to shield the Green Jacket.
Woods, who failed spinal fusion surgery produced one of the most dramatic endings of the tournament to end an 11-year wait coming from behind to win with a shooter.
The former world No 1 has been focused on Augusta since finishing duties as successful US playing captain at the Presidents Cup in Australia, and has vowed to replicate what appears a powerful”blueprint.”
Woods stated:”The strategy is to prepare exactly the identical way. It worked this past year, so yeah, I have a blueprint for what I need to do.”
“After [the Presidents Cup] was done, my homework has been like it usually is:’What exactly do I need to do in order to get ready for the Masters’?”
Woods also expressed the significance of peaking just ahead of the week, in addition to the unique public embrace that he shared with his children who had been at Carnoustie to witness his disappointing end in The 148th Open, after he led peacefully together with eight holes to play before falling three shots in two holes.
He added:”I’ve been fortunate to have done this today five occasions, and also to try and have everything summit together for only an incredible week, it is tough to do.
“To get them experience what it feels like to be a part of a major championship and watch their daddy fail rather than do it, and to be a part of it once I did do it, I think it’s two memories they won’t ever forget.
“Just seeing them fight over the Green Jacket on the plane was pretty funny:’I need to wear it! No, I wish to use it’ That is something I definitely won’t ever forget.”
All four of this Masters 2020 are aired live on Sky Sports Golf using Sky Sports this competition’s exclusive UK broadcaster.

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