Tom Brady ‘deeply affected’ by death of Kobe Bryant

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Tom Brady has posted a letter on websites about how he has been’affected’ by the death of his daughter Gianna in a helicopter crash and Kobe Bryant .
Brady submitted the letter titled”What is really important?” The day after the memorial to Bryant in Los Angeles at the Staples Center.
From the letter Brady wrote of the”outpouring of support and love for those families helped me reflect and gain perspective”
“During this tragedy I have learned a lot,” Brady continued. “Why has this touched me in the manner that it did? Why has it kept me up at night, and attracted many tears?”
“In Kobe, we managed to see the guy in the stadium. For a lot of us, sports show that which we are made of, they define our emotions and personalities.
“We cannot conceal out of the good or the bad, from the wins or the declines. . .the joy and despair, the happiness and the pain.
“What you see is exactly what it is, we aren’t celebrities. We have discovered a real-life point where we become exposed to the world and judged based on the outcome of every performance. And we also care.
“For some, these days are exactly the pinnacle in the life, and there is not anything wrong with that, but it is obvious for me, for Kobe, which was how he lived his entire life in every manner. In his next chapter, you saw even more.”
“His mere presence had a direct impact on everybody he was about,” Brady added. “He had the ability to recognise in others what they couldn’t recognise in themselves.
“I believe that is why I’ll miss him . Because all of us know the world needs more of the direction and positivity.
“We all know that he was performing the work that others do not need to or simply can’t do. The world we live in is filled with folks telling kids and adults’you can not ‘,’you shouldn’t’,”you won’t’, or’you never will.’
“The world we are living in is teaching every person to dread, to stress, to shame or to contribute up. And that’s the opposite of what Kobe stood for.
“That is what produced Kobe a true superhero. He spoke with this kind of conviction about mentality, about the idea that if you truly believed in something it could be achieved by you. . .you could overcome the barriers.
“And not only that, he walked the walk and did the work. He pushed on other people to locate that confidence. He was the real life superhero our planet requirements.
“That is what we all miss. That’s the reason why we hurt. Since we understand he was always fighting against the norm. He was doing more than his conversation. Now who is going to perform the job that is still here to be accomplished?
“Who will fight and break the standards with love and joy and inspiration? Who’s going to lose doubt and fear and hate?
“Who is going to take the load and then be the superhero that he was? The solution is simple to me, US ALL.
“Pick to make the change in yourself. It’s SEIZE THE DAY, this if there is anything I’ve heard and been inspired by through this tragic event.
“That is what Kobe always did and that is what he wanted for us too.”
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