Toronto Maple Leafs 3-6 Carolina Hurricanes: Zamboni driver stars on NHL debut

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David Ayres stepped up from his job as a Zamboni driver to become the netminder to win an NHL match.
The 42-year-old came in as an emergency goaltender for Carolina Hurricanes as they won 6-3 at Toronto Maple Leafs.
Ayres’ functions the ice cleaning system for minor league team Toronto Marlies but was called up to the Hurricanes when they dropped two netminders to injury.
In NHL rules, the home team should get an emergency netminder for either side.
While Ayres has been a practice goalie for the Leafs for 2 decades, he wasn’t hoping to play in the NHL.
The Canadian, who was watching the game has been called into action following injuries to the Hurricanes’ James Reimer and Petr Mrazek.
“Someone came in the room and said to prepare. I was a little shocked but I adored it,” said Ayres, who had been paid $500 (#386) because of his appearance and can continue to keep his Hurricanes jersey.
“I had the time of my entire life on the market.”
Ayres came on winning 4-1 and he also saved eight shots since they held on for a surprise 6-3 triumph, though he surrendered two goals.

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