Tottenham ball boy says Jose Mourinho praise has ‘made my life’

The Tottenham ball boy chased by Jose Mourinho in the Champions League win over Olympiakos states that the Spurs boss’ response has”left my entire own life”.
Serge Aurier was immediately given a ball by Callum Hynes with Spurs losing Olympiakos attempting to regroup as the ball drifted from drama and 2-1.
His throw-in discovered Lucas Moura, who chose outside Harry Kane for the equaliser – .
“It’s all a bit surreal. I was only doing my work” said Callum, 15.
Mourinho sought Callum following the goal celebration out give him a kiss and to shake his hands.
The Portuguese said after:”I love intelligent ball boys like I had been. I had been a ball boy for a child.
“And that kid now was brilliant. He knows the game, reads the match and made an assist that is important.
“He is not there merely to look to the stands, scarves or lights. He’s living the game and enjoying it quite well.”
Mourinho told Radio 5 Live:”I attempted to tempt him into the dressing room after the game to celebrate with the group but he’d slipped off.”
On Thursday Callum, who is in his first season as a ball boytold the website of Tottenham he did not find the equaliser of Kane.
“I was busy becoming the ball which had come away and then I heard the cheer. I turned about and Harry was observing,” he added.
“I looked in the replay on the display and observed precisely what happened.
“Jose did not need to do that. It was good of him to return to me.
“It has made my day, my entire life, actually! I love Spurs and it was an incredible moment I will never forget.”
Callum disclosed he spent the trip back home to Leigh-on-Sea from the game revising for a maths test.

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