Tracey Neville missing England Roses as South Africa Tests arrive

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Tracey Neville admitted as she prepares to watch on as a England Roses side commence their very initial international series in South Africa with no 31, there will be a hint of jealousy.
Even the 42-year-old made the decision to step as head coach to concentrate on her private life.
She ended her tenure by directing them to bronze in a home World Cup in Liverpool and added the Commonwealth Games gold trophy and that they attained on the Gold Coast the year before.
England was reflected by neville as an athlete at 1993. After then grounding herself over the area of coaching, and achieving 81 international limits, she took on because the Roses’ head coach back.
With such a relationship and affiliation with netball, it’s no wonder that seeing the Roses preparing for Exam matches with no, feels a little odd.
“At the beginning, I felt that I needed that break, a tiny bit of jealousy has struck in!” Neville said to Sky Sports News at the Sports Journalist Association awards where she received the most JL Manning Award for Services.
“I don’t feel it is a case of directing the team again, it is not being a part of the Roses and a part of the team – especially now that they’re entering competition this weekend.”
Despite sharing those feelings of’jealousy’, there is a Neville delighting in her pregnancy and is continuing to keep in touch.
“To come out of this sport I think a little bit like Mona Lisa,” Neville added.
“You truly feel as though your sport has finished then to be recognised by the general public and other governing bodies [with awards], I am so pleased that I can still signify the Roses because I am doing.
“It’s difficult to find a single award, particularly when you are from a team game because usually you are up there with the players, staff members and that there are a lot of people that invest in that particular win and success.
“So, thank you for everyone that’s supported me and I’m just so pleased to be representing the Roses .”
Neville will likely be part of our coverage on Sky Sports for the second Test match in South Africa of England. The match will be live from 12.30pm Saturday on Sky Sports Arena along with Mix and will be streamed globally on YouTube.
Before then, with this kind of a sporting family, there is a major question what game will girl or her little boy drama with? Football? Netball? Something else?
“If it’s a boy, then I’m going to need to begin advocating for men’s netball a bit more and when it’s a woman, hopefully she is able to follow in my footsteps!
“I believe there is a whole great deal of competition [inside the household ],” she added.
“Clearly when I started out, netball was likely larger than women’s football. But with all the investment in women’s football and also the profile that it’s got, I think that I’ll be in competition with my brother too about where that tiny infant goes [sports wise].”
Sky Sports is the home of live and netball action returns with all the Roses’ three-Test excursion to South Africa. The first Test from the Velodrome in Cape Town is going to be shown on Friday at 5.00pm and also will be streamed globally on YouTube.

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