Tranmere’s LGBT fans’ group Rover & Out call for action against homophobia

Tranmere’s Outside, Rover & fans’ group wants to handling behavior and anti-LGBT 19, a renewed commitment.
An arrest has been made after Rovers’ Sky Bet League One game against Wycombe after an allegation of homophobic abuse against the game referee.
There was A additional allegation made of homophobic abuse directed Ryan Allsop, in the Wycombe goalkeeper.
Rover & Out was put up with the club’s support in summer 2018, and among the founders of the group, Adam Siddorn, is hoping their prominence in Prenton Park can help create a more inclusive atmosphere.
“I don’t think people visit the game voluntarily and knowingly wanting to be homophobic, transphobic, racist – I think that it’s only the language of the past that’s nevertheless there, and people simply use the language without understanding what it actually signifies,” Siddorn told Sky Sports News.
The group is currently looking to raise renewed awareness across the’Charter for Action’ on tackling homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in game. The charter, which was first drawn up in 2011, lays out invoices of intent that will help stamp out discrimination.
Tranmere say they have a”zero-tolerance” approach to things such as what occured in the Wycombe game on November 17. Merseyside Police’s Chief Inspector, Jason Crellin, thanked Allsop, both nightclubs and the stewarding staff included”for reporting and porting those abhorrent incidents instantly”.
The yearly activation of the Rainbow Laces effort of Stonewall – that is supported by Sky Sports – runs into the first week of December and is under way.
Contact us if you want to share a narrative to help increase consciousness about LGBT inclusion in sport.

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