Tyrone Mings warns Aston Villa to be wary of Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford

Tyrone Mings has cautioned his Aston Villa team-mates they will have their job cut out to maintain the”wonderfully gifted” Marcus Rashford silent when they play with Manchester United on Sunday.
Mings knows after joining up with him for England duty lately the threat striker Rashford poses.
While United had to struggle to secure a 3-3 draw at Sheffield United on the weekend villa beat Newcastle 2-0 at home on Monday, and also Mings admits they’ll be eager to pounce on some other weaknesses shown by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side.
“Knowing that he is a great player and knowing how to prevent him are two quite different matters,” Mings told Sky Sports News when asked around Rashford.
“He is a great talent – you saw his goal from Chelsea [a gorgeous free-kick in the Carabao Cup] – and also a player who will produce moments of magical.
“rapping for England – his goal against Kosovo – he’s a superbly talented player.
“I believe we’ll all have our work cut out on Sunday to get a back four but we’ll be looking to back up our most recent blank sheet with another one.”
Despite having the indifferent run of form this season that has left them ninth in the Premier League table, Mings insists they must continue to be careful of a United side that has”world-class gamers all over the pitch”
Mings added:”I would not say they’re there to be obtained at but I would certainly say they likely have not clicked this year since they might have wanted to. They’re probably quite frustrated that they’ve had.
“Some of the players being hurt has not helped either but we’ve got all respect for each and each team from the league and Sheffield United are a good team as well, so there’s not surprising they cause teams problems.
“With Man United we’ll look at exactly what their weaknesses are and the way we could strike them and the way we can nullify them.
“They’ve clearly got world-class players all over the pitch so we’ll know full well that the challenges that we will face but we have not gone to any group so much and been humiliated therefore stands us in good stead, realizing that we’re able to go toe-to-toe with anyone.
“Being at such a big team like United obviously comes with large anticipation and I think if you enter a match and things are not perhaps going well for them on the pitch, naturally lovers appear to turn against you personally.
“So if that situation was to arise then possibly it’s something we can use to our benefit.”
As for his own advancement, Mings admits since linking Villa, originally on loan prior to the transfer was made permanent at a # 20m bargain on the 37, his profession has been promoted.
The 26-year-old has fought back from private hardship, after he suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury six minutes into his Bournemouth debut.
However, after assisting Villa marketing back to the Premier League via the Sky Bet Championship last year, Mings will be enjoying the period of his profession and pushed his way.
“Earlier in the year, things appeared to be moving well,” said Mings. “We were playing nicely on the pitch, so I had been at the Championship and I was re-establishing myself, playing week in, week out.
“Everything that’s happened since that, with all the promotion and signing up for Aston Villa forever, playing England. It simply appears like things are going well for myself and also the club and all of us appear to be moving at the identical direction.
“I feel like anybody who’s feeling stuck or they can not get a grip on their livelihood, the greatest thing I felt would be that you can wrestle control back in your hands with a little bit of patience and a tiny bit of judgement “

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