Tyson Fury promises more knockouts after Deontay Wilder win

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Tyson Fury insists he is only just getting started, with reinvented herself as a”beast” with a stunning destruction of WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder.
After his elusive boxing tactics were not enough to fasten the belt in their fight 14 months ago fury had promised to become more aggressive in this rematch from Wilder.
Even the 31-year-old delivered in style, flooring Wilder twice at the MGM Grand and beating up the winner to the scope his corner pulled out from the seventh round.
“I am my own worst critic and despite the fact that it was a fantastic performance and I got a great triumph, ” I know I can do better,” he said.
“I’ve only just started with my new trainer, SugarHill Steward. We had seven months. But I am a quick learner and I plan to return to the gym away, to focus on straight and balance punches.
“I’m going to be putting people to sleep left, right and centre. Once I arrived here people said I can’t punch, do not forget. Wilder himself said I have’cushion fists’ .
“Well it didn’t do poorly to an old fat man who can’t punch, did I?”
Asked whether he believes he is the largest puncher in the heavyweight division, Fury said:”No more… I’m an old fashioned duster who can not break an egg, are not I?
“However, 21 knockouts in 31 struggles isn’t so bad considering I really look for knockouts, I’ve always seemed to use my boxing skill.
“With this weight and technique, we could knock out anybody. Folks believed I had not come that I’d underestimated Wilder when I jumped on the scales. I felt like a beast As soon as I got in there. This is my burden.”
Fury has held each one of the significant world titles at the branch, having outclassed Wladimir Klitschko in 2015 before spiralling to a spell of inactivity and depression, to win the IBF, WBO and WBA belts.
Fury – who socialised with lovers at Vegas in the wake of his triumph – considers a game with Wilder can happen.
“The spoils of war have been all new,” he said. “I want to enjoy this victory and Deontay needs time to recover. But I’m almost sure because he is a dynamite puncher, he will take the rematch and that he can take someone outside at any time.
“With this level of danger, you can always win a fight. I’m sure we will do it again if he would like to.”

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