Unai Emery at Arsenal: It feels like the end, says Charlie Nicholas

The stress is mounting to get Arsenal director Unai Emery and Charlie Nicholas thinks the writing is on the walls as far as that the Spaniard is concerned.
Saturday’s 2-2 draw with fighting Southampton at the Emirates – secured just thanks to Alexandre Lacazette’s stoppage-time attack – left Arsenal languishing down at eighth in the Premier League and eight points off Chelsea at the fourth and final Champions League berth as we close the Christmas period.
Reports have surfaced promising the future at the Emirates of Emery is currently in query Together with all the north London club with not won any of the six fixtures in most contests.
But despite feeling sympathy for Emery, Nicholas also believes that the club’s next league match at relegation-threatened Norwich is presently a must-win fixture for the Gunners boss, although the former Arsenal ahead has not mastered Mauricio Pochettino taking over in the Emirates in the future.
“It certainly feels like that. After 21 years of Arsene Wenger, it is challenging to check at a manager leaving after 18 weeks and believe he has had enough time. But it is not too much that the time period on it, it is the lack of improvement.
“They did spend a fair quantity of money. Probably in the positions that are wrong in my opinion. Kieran Tierney has come in and it has taken him ages to get healthy, so he will need time to settle. Hector Bellerin has been outside. The position has been poor. Then there is the lack of protectors in midfield.
“I have sympathy with him. However, everybody knows that is down to the supervisor and this is a results business. If he does not receive results, his time will soon be up and the fans are beginning to become angry.
“When the anger comes to Arsenal, then the thoughts turn into the plank. And when a bit are currently shaking then they have a choice to make.
“Who will make the choice? It is a committee of five individuals. There are various individuals and it seems they are confused about it. Arsenal have no leaders on the pitch without a leaders upstairs.”
“Arsenal have no explanations right now.This is an average team, but it is a pretty good assaulting system within this team.
“The director has found it complicated. He does not know his best XI. He doesn’t understand what his best is. He doesn’t know who his guards in midfield should be. As a result of this confusion they’re all around the area.
“The price of #8m to get David Luiz wasn’t much and we thought he might have enhanced it for a rather small amount, but he has not. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is currently the captain, however, the forwards are feeling that this absence of perception too – not good signs for your supervisor.
“I actually think they kept him in position during the international break since they expected to conquer Southampton, until having Eintracht Frankfurt at home on Thursday and then going to Norwich away next weekend. That match has become a must-win scenario.”
“Obviously. He is a leading coach. We did it with Sol Campbell before and we know what mayhem that generated. This would be much more. Spurs enhanced dramatically and got them to the Champions League final and the four.
“The question mark beside him is he did not win any prizes. So that’s a question mark 20, they didn’t always get results against the rest of the six.
“Would he enhance this Arsenal side? I’m not convinced. I believe that it requires a rebuild defensively directly from the centre backs.
“Matteo Guendouzi, I enjoy, but he’s young and he is naive and he is not getting taught how to perform the position correctly. They’re all individuals and till they get comprehension and that group spirit of this Arsenal are always going to have problems.
“Mesut Ozil is currently in the team, and it has played quite well, however a couple of weeks back we were told he would be marketed in January. What is going on at Arsenal?
“This is the reason why I make the point that while it’s the supervisor’s responsibility and the gamers are letting him down, the hierarchy has to make a standalone. We were informed that this was the modern Arsenal, when Wenger was asked to move aside from his place.
“The young players will most likely do well on Thursday, but it is the seasoned players that are earning Arsenal’s life a misery.”

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