Unai Emery, Marco Silva, Manuel Pellegrini: Who is the most vulnerable in sack race?

They say the November break is a dangerous time for an under-fire Premier League manager – but suppose outcomes have not improved after a stay of implementation?
The Sunday Supplement board discussed that the landscape with many bosses coming under increasing pressure since the season heads towards the festive 32, to arrest the slide at the Premier League.
Unai Emery saw his Arsenal side rescue some time at home on Saturday, but the Spaniard has been left by the draw staring into the abyss.
The Daily Telegraph’s chief sports writer Paul Hayward stated:”Matters could swing the other way in this technocratic strategy where it’s all about data and analysis in which the guy ends up having an impressive power point presentation, like Unai Emery presumably did.
“There’s a trend for this, finding a terrific analyst and scientist. Jose Mourinho is like that has the other side to go with itthe character, the man management abilities and an intuitive sense of what coaching really is.
“I watched the Arsenal highlights and I had been upset. Everyone a lot of times has worried but I was disturbed. Southampton should have buried them. Arsenal are.
“Afterwards, Emery, who isn’t simple to follow when talking after a match, all he talked about was analyse, analyse, reevaluate.
“Sorry, the period for analysing has passed. He has to do some thing to make this group better.
“You will need to have more than information and charts, you will need to have what the best managers have which is an instinctive and intuitive means of handling people to get the most out of them”
The film is even more dismal for West Ham. Pellegrini admitted his side are under enormous pressure after their 3-2 home defeat to Tottenham, and says it is the players’ fault.
The Hammers are winless in their last eight in all competitions and now therefore so are 16th following their latest defeat.
The Daily Mail’s chief sports writer Martin Samuel explained:”West Ham’s drop in shape is somewhat clear. They’ve altered the very best goalkeeper I have observed with the worst I’ve ever observed at West Ham at West Ham.
“If you have acquired a goalkeeper that punches the ball to his web, it is hard to win games. Roberto is very great for one or two goals a game for the resistance. After he came into the group they had been just one location off the top four, they are close to the bottom . Is that the goalkeeper. That’s the bottom line issue.
“Alsothe defence has really ever lost its way along with Felipe Anderson does not look interested in bodily contact – everything is on Declan Rice and Mark Noble to attempt to put out fires throughout the pitch.
“It’s difficult to analyse as Pellegrini deservedly got the credit he earned in Manchester City – the very first South American director to win the Premier League, got to a Champions League semi-final. But with that said West Ham obtained him from China.
“You can make an argument that anybody taking the cash from China, you have to wonder where they are in their livelihood. You are likely not where you’re champing at the bit in the stage. China is where you go for the price and that’s where they got him . There is a feeling of drift out there. Pellegrini isn’t the type of man that can tackle it.”
However, while Emery and Pellegrini are the front-runners to be another Premier League manager to lose his occupation, the problem is precarious at Watford and Everton.
When asked for his prediction for the next managerial departure, chief football writer in The folks, Steve Bates said:”Quique Sanchez Flores, given Watford’s record of sacking managers – it’s a revolving door there and they don’t hesitate to make a shift.
“When you’re losing 3-0 at home to Burnley, no disrespect, then alarm bells are ringing. They have won 1 match all season. That’s not good enough.
“Marco Silva seems to be about game-by-game pressure. He wins one, it’s off, so he loses you, it is back . He was meant to be the saviour at Everton later Sam Allardyce, who did a great job but wasn’t the ideal fit.
“They put their hat on him to direct them into the promise land and it’s not exercised. They aren’t making strides. He and Flores are both under pressure.
“Matters are unravelling for Pellegrini at West Ham and he has spent a fair bit of cash too. There doesn’t appear to be a enormous need for the Arsenal board to sack Unai Emery yet.”
Brighton appointed Graham Potter as Chris Hughton’s successor however, it is becoming an increasingly rare occurrence for top-flight owners to look lower down the pyramid for a voice.
Samuel added:”Why not appoint from your Championship anymore? As if you impress there, you would find a job in the first grade the next tier of English soccer used to be seen.
“That is how Rafa Benitez worked his way up in Spain. Until Chris Wilder got Sheffield United Chris Wilder would have turned into a Championship director for the rest of his life.
Hayward included:”When folks were discussing the replacements to get Mauricio Pochettino at Tottenham, I heard some one say they could hone’an Eddie Howe type’ – bad aged Eddie Howe is currently a type. Why not just decorate Eddie Howe?
“What does that mean, is he not qualified to receive a good job”

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