VAR in Premier League: Referee ‘made the wrong call’ on Lo Celso

The movie helper”made the incorrect phone” in failing to ship off Tottenham’s Giovani lo Celso against Chelsea, says a major figure at the body which manages match officials.
Lo Celso escaped a red card for a handle on Chelsea’s Cesar Azpilicueta.
Chris Foy, head of public engagement in the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL), states it was a”human error” from VAR official David Coote.
“He can learn from that, he’ll certainly reflect about it,” said Foy.
Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme, even Foy – a former Premier League referee – additional:”David is a very good referee, he’s a human being and human beings make errors. Human error played a part in that and it was the wrong call”
Throughout the match, Radio 5 Live’s Mark Chapman has been supplied a statement by the PGMOL saying Lo Celso’s address wasn’t worthy of a red card because”that the VAR did not feel there was everywhere else for Lo Celso to place his foot”.
But after the game finished, Chapman posted social media to say the channel had spoken to Stockley Park and, on reflection,”they did think the attack had been a red card”.
Chelsea manager Frank Lampard reported the Lo Celso incident leaves”another huge question mark” over VAR while former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel went as far as indicating VAR could”ruin soccer forever” if it wasn’t eliminated.
There were incidents involving the technology on Saturday at Manchester City’s win at Leicester and Bournemouth’s defeat at Burnley.
VAR was released this season but was criticised because of the inconsistencies in decision making as well as for the time it takes to be left killing matches’ delight.
Foy admits there are teething issues but says patience is needed since the game adjusts into the tech.
“I refereed at the Premier League for 15 decades and this is the biggest change I have found in my refereeing period,” he said. “You have to keep in mind that we’ve not even had a complete season with VAR and it will take a couple of decades (to adjust for it).
“There’s a lot of atmosphere on the market, but if I was refereeing I would have loved VAR.”

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