VAR ‘tweaks’ being considering by football lawmakers IFAB

Soccer lawmakers are considering whether to make modifications to Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology in the game.
The International Football Association Board (IFAB) will hold a vital meeting in Belfast on Tuesday and get feedback from its own advisory panel.
Updates will be discussed by the most powerful administrators of football about the usage of VARs.
“It is still relatively new technology for the sport of soccer,” Patrick Nelson,” Irish Football Association chief executive and also IFAB’s chairman on Tuesday, told Sky Sports News. “Cricket and rugby have experienced it for quite a while.
“We need to consider the data that we’ve obtained, in the various experiments around the world, and see if there are some alterations to the protocol that we need to create, to ensure it is simpler for everybody in the game”
Premier League referees’ Mike Riley is expected to hold discussions on VAR criteria with former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.
The new Chief of Global Football Development of FIFA, wenger, is a member of IFAB’s soccer and technical panels and he is expected to attend the dialogue in Northern Ireland.
However, Nelson stressed that IFAB will just center on the impact of VAR on the sport, in which technology is now utilised in 25 countries.
“IFAB is all about the parks sport, as well as that the World Cup final,” he explains. “A lot of the media attention, and supporter curiosity, has been around the games that are top in the expert part of football. The game’s laws, they’re there for everybody. We must take that into consideration all the time.”
Concussion:”Very early phases’ of discussions
Lawmakers will also continue to disagreement management and concussion evaluation of all players after first talks in October, during games.
Headway, the brain injury association, expressed its disappointment over the”unnecessary delay” in presenting concussion substitutes.
“Concussion will be one of the chief issues,” states Nelson. “it is a brand new problem for IFAB. We will take this very seriously.
“We will have a take a look at how we could work within the laws of the sport to try and minimise the consequences of concussion. It is very, very phases don’t expect anything dramatic . It will be one of the critical things that we discuss.”
Sky Sports News was advised that substitutions for footballers suspected of concussion are’probably’ to become mandatory for next summer’s Euro 2020, however, Nelson gave a response following 48, over if any law changes will be created at IFAB’s AGM.
“I think it’s very early stages for this,” adds Nelson”The European Union are coming up very near us today. It could be too early for that.
“I believe, from an IFAB standpoint, we need to study all of the data and try and make the best choices we can for the future of the match .”
IFAB is comprised of world football’s governing body and the four associations.

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