Wales v France: How Shaun Edwards is making the difference for France

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“If you employ Shaun Edwards, you don’t just get a defensive coach, you get someone who’s incredible to your group civilization .”
After playing with Wales Edwards, Tom Shanklin knows the affect the coach can have.
Since France’s training team was joined by Edwards, that influence has been plain to see from Les Bleus’ results with victories against Italy and England.
The 53-year-old Englishman returns to Cardiff on Saturday using a revitalised French citizenship after spending together with Wales.
Former Wales back Shanklin discussed how Edwards has helped France to remarkable victories against Italy and England on Matt Dawson’s 5 Live Rugby Show.
Here are the key areas where Edwards has really made a difference up to now.
Shanklin: He made an instant impact since we had not seen anything like 20, when he came to Wales. We have seen an transformation in the manner in which the French group and attackers had been currently colliding.
What you are seeing away is a lot more tackles. If you want to defend you have to be fit. There is so much running up and back always.
The big question is how healthy would be this team that is French? They are currently starting to tire although I think is excellent for your initial 60 minutes. It will be the test at Wales for them.
Horgan: I can’t think he has influenced this French group. We understand defences are in which it is possible to make adjustments fastest but he had a few weeks with this team that is French and they seem so accomplished. Is impressive.
Horgan: the attitude of France is different. You’re able to see players ‘ are currently operating for Shaun and each other. He gets that collective spirit.
Wales when he was coach’s scramble defence was unbelievable. You really earned it, if you scored a try against Wales. I saw that for this team that was particular French for the very first time. Their work-rate in their scramble defence against England in the first week was striking.
Dawson: Shaun Edwards will be incredibly respectful of where he is the staff and training they’re up against that weekend. He enjoys to playwith, train and coach and will most likely be battling this week around his emotions. He will want to get it but he has got to where he’s got to because of Wales.
Dawson: The tricky part for Shaun is that the gap in France since he’s got a way of introducing himself into a bunch.
He’ll wear with not even matching coaches the most dreadful shellsuit. He’ll maintain the gym shadow-boxing himself. You can envision the players believing,’what in the world is going on here?’
Shanklin: He trainers with a lot of aggression, so he is very animated in the way. It is a whole good deal tougher to do that in France if you do not speak the language.
Shanklin: He is intimidating. You see the games he played Wigan in rugby league… When he came over to Wales, we had been all Googling’Shaun Edwards’ and then we watched the red cards Great Britain. He is like this as a individual. It is possible to view it through his emotion and his entire body language. Whatever he’s doing it is working.
He instils that in one in the very start. Every person needs to be in that defensive lineup no matter what is going on. You want to do it .
You do not want to allow him down. You don’t want to get picked on in analysis the following day. When Shaun Edwards is hired by you, you do receive a coach, you get a person who’s incredible to your group culture.
Bernard Le Roux is locked by france: He. It is incredible what he can. He’s a perfectionist who works very hard. At 30, I did not think there was much that I could learn in defence, but I learn.
France flanker Francois Cros: He also tells us what we shouldn’t do. He gets angry. He arrived as he is and he hasn’t changed. He’s never been bashful. He communicates to us his writings and his burning desire to advance, to win, and we have noticed that in the first games.
France team director Raphael IbanezWe spoke at the beginning of the weekwe talked to each other. I simply asked him when it had been too much, possibly, and what is this game’s approach.
Shaun is quite professional – his reply was fairly clear. He just said’my focus this week is to perform my best to get the gamers’, and that’s what he did, day in, day out. It was Shaun Edwards.
He’s been very faithful to Wales and he loved training here. I only think we are very blessed to have him with us now.”

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