Was Ben Stokes in the wrong for swearing at spectator? Alec Stewart and Robert Croft react to incident

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Later he Chased Through the fourth Test against South Africa on Friday of England, ben stokes could face action from the ICC.??

The England all-rounder was filmed with expletives in a reaction from the crowd, because he departed the field after his dismissal for 2 soon before England closed on 192-4.
Mixing Charles Colvile for Your Cricket Debate England captain Alec Stewart said he thought the abuse directed at Stokes must have been private for him to react.
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“The regulations state you can not use abusive language or misbehave on the area of play but, in their own defence, we didn’t know what was said for him,” explained Stewart.
“It needs to have been something pretty inflammatory; he has just played a bad shot and got outside for 2, but for Ben to respond like this, I think that the fella in the crowd will have stated something powerful.
“His father was ill and hopefully his dad is on the fix. Then I can know why Ben responded like this, if, and it is an his dad was mentioned.
“It’s easy to say you’ve only got to swallow it, grin and bear it, walk around the tube but, if it is about your family, good luck keeping those feelings in check.
“When it had been just’that’s a rubbish shot, you are not an excellent cricketer’, then he should have just carried on.”
Croft, adding to this argument, indicated that if the flame inside of Stokes makes him the player he is, it does have a propensity to catch him.
“He’s an emotional person, there is little doubt about it,” additional Croft. “Part of these genius gamers is they’re frequently on the border. We have seen that at his cricket, he still wears his heart on his sleeve and it rains over.
“He probably isn’t happy with the shot he played, and to be criticised or to get some thing to be stated at that moment, he’s erupted.
“I am sure he is back at the hotel, thinking’I could have handled a tiny bit differently.”
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See day two of the fourth Test between South Africa and England live on Sky Sports Cricket from 7.30am on Saturday.

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