Watford manager Quique Sanchez Flores in regular dialogue with club’s owners

Manager Quique Sanchez Flores says he’s in conversation with the club’s owners in an attempt to oversee an upturn in results in the Premier League side that is .
Sky Sports News knows the club is fully behind the Spaniard in this phase of the season, although sanchez Flores had been reported from the press as being on the brink of losing his job earlier this week.
Watford, who reached the FA Cup final last year and challenged for a place, sit the league after only one win against Flores’ nine league games because he was re-appointed in September.
“I’m talking every week with all the owners and athletic director,” Sanchez Flores explained.
“All of us are looking for superior solutions for the team and the group. But in this type of scenario we all look worse. The players, the coach, the club, the owners. Even the fans feel worse, obviously.”
Watford visit Southampton, who sit point over them, on Saturday in a experience along with Sanchez Flores says he knew after he took charge his side could fight.
“When I accepted to come here I knew that people were going to suffer. This is what we are doing,” he said.
“But it is part of this strategy. You will need to endure first if you want to get to a different step, different degree.”
Sanchez Flores, who is one of several directors considered to be facing an uncertain future, insists it’s a”big mistake” to only focus on his position.
He added:”You’re talking about the happiness of a whole great deal of people. This is the thing that is most crucial. The happiness of those fans, the future of this club, the future of the squad.”
Sanchez Flores says that he admits that his biggest challenge will ensure his squad enter their upcoming fixtures with confidence in their ability and can not defend results such as the 3-0 home defeat against Burnley.
“Convincing people when they are down is tough,” he said.
“For me the most important thing would be to convince the players since they’re the instrument, instrument I will get to the fans to [help] to change the situation. I can’t do anything ”
Craig Dawson will overlook the game in St Mary’s due to a head injury sustained against Burnley that has required stitches, while Sanchez Flores is unsure whether Roberto Pereyra will return from a hamstring injury.

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