Wilder vs Fury 2: Deontay Wilder claims he didn’t feel Tyson Fury’s power in first fight

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Deontay Wilder has accused Tyson Fury of owning”pillows as fists” and maintains he was not hurt in their first fight.
The heavyweight rivals went to face in a media conference in Los Angeles ahead of their rematch on February 22, when Wilder defends the WBC championship night on Saturday.
Wilder admitted he was perplexed by Fury’s bold prediction of a two-round knockout, stating to Fox:”Their approach? I do not know how to take it. Are you currently attempting to throw me off my own game?
“I do not understand what he can do. He is mad, man. I must take his word for this, if he believes in it. When you step from the ring, However, it’s different. I am the biggest puncher in history”
Wilder insisted it isn’t possible for Fury to back up his promise of a stoppage win that was swift. The champion said concerning Fury:”I do not think so. We have not seen that exhibited. I didn’t sense [his electricity ].
“I believe Tyson has pillows as fists. He has ability but you can’t have it all.
“Obviously, it might play with my game-plan [when Fury aimed for a two-round knockout win] because when you come forward, you provide me additional momentum to land a snapshot ”
Fury disrupted:”When I place my chin in front of him and said:’KO me , Deontay’. I’m barely likely to do this. I have got to back him up, put him onto the back foot”
Fury again insisted he’d beat Wilder inside two rounds:”I stand by that wholeheartedly. From the very first fight my boxing abilities were utilized by me and it did not get the job done. I didn’t triumph. I am about winning.
“We are giant heavyweights and I’ve had 20 knockouts at 29 victories. I’m very effective at knocking out people. You are back when you underestimate somebody’s energy.
“He’s a considerably bigger one-punch knockout artist than me. But I can not be matched by anybody with determination and heart. I can place my iron will.
“I’m not afraid to go mano a mano with the largest puncher in heavyweight boxing.
“It doesn’t matter if you win 11 and a half rounds Wilder with 30 seconds left since he will KO anybody.”
Wilder jeopardized:”I am blessed with power. It is his job. Thirty-six minutes he has to avoid me.”
Fury spent lengthy periods out-boxing the defending winner in their first fight 13 months ago, however Wilder knocked him down including after in the final round. Fury dramatically survived and the two men were frustrated by the attraction.
They remain unbeaten at a 73 fights that are combined, and every won two fights in 2019.
Fury has substituted Ben Davison using a coach, Sugarhill Steward, nephew of Hall of Famer Emanuel Steward. Famous cut-man Jacob’Stitch’ Duran has joined his team, after Fury survived a gigantic cut against Otto Wallin in his previous struggle.
Wilder criticised the significant modifications in Fury’s camp:”Everybody would like to be the head coach, everybody has the remedy, the perfect set of thoughts. I can only envision a camp with so many chiefs.”
Fury replied:”I had to find an advantage. It is not private between me and all these coaches, it is business. If my business can enhance I’ll bring them .
“I am still the identical old G. Everybody understands me. There is not much I will hide. I won’t box such as Deontay Wilder or like a light-welterweight. That can not happen.”
Fury demonstrated the”hard” decision to ditch Diet Coke during his training camp afterward, when Wilder questioned his’lineal’ winner standing, he said:”The belt I’ve got on is Gucci.”
2 face-offs book-ended the press conference. The first was long and, if Fury cracked a smile first, Wilder shouted:”You lost!”
Fury replied as Wilder took his chair:”I lost? You walked away!”

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