Wilder vs Fury 2: Deontay Wilder warns Tyson Fury to expect blood and cuts

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Deontay Wilder has threatened that Tyson Fury will have”blood in his face” and will have to be rescued in their world heavyweight championship rematch.
WBC champion Wilder explained his strategies that Fury sustained in his fight against Otto Wallin if they match at Las Vegas on February 22.
Wilder said concerning Fury’s damn triumph over Wallin:”I feel as the fight should have been stopped, using a cut so wide and so deep. But I know he had a fight. He had been spared due to the struggle that’s currently occurring right now.
“I will be researching what Wallin did. I anticipate recutting his attention open.
“When it is open and blood is in his face, I could find some on me too. That is alright. I’ll adopt it. If they maintain the fight since I’m currently dangerous, we’ll see.
“With that eye cut open back, and blood in his face, it is up to the doctors to take protocol. We know my demeanour, my mannerisms. I do not play around at all.”
Fury has replaced coach Ben Davison using Sugarhill Steward Wilder because his draw.
Wilder questioned:”I thought if it ain’t broke do not fix it? It must be me because he said that he beat me by a broad 21, if things ought to be shifting.
“It is anxious energy. He says he beat on me he doesn’t really believe that. That is why he’s changing things so much.
“He isn’t confident dealing with me because of the condition that I left . The head is not meant to be struck by power like Deontay Wilder’s.
“Deep down in his heart, I believe that he is very, very anxious. When you give them a concussion and knock out someone, you can’t forget that. Remember who did it and they did this. When you go back in the ring together with a second time to relive it, it needs to be more stressful. You can’t sleep through the night”
The new link-up with Steward of fury, whose Hall of Fame uncle Emanuel trained Wladimir Klitschko and Lennox Lewis, has resulted in the challenger calling a knockout win.
“I truly don’t understand their plans – what he will do or what he will not do?” Wilder said concerning the prediction of Fury. “What is true or what isn’t correct? If he wishes to bring the fight to me come forth! That rewards me more than anything else.
“I hope he sticks his game-plan and follows , not just speaking for hype. It makes the battle more interesting if he does that.
“I’m the heavyweight champion of the world and that I can’t be beat. What he says that he will do? I think that it’ll be two different things.”
Wilder said about Fury’s punch power:”He’s cushions as fists. That’s how soft they were. I walked through them and shot his cries.
“I don’t respect his power. There’s none there, also it can’t be developed by him, I do not care that trainer he earns in. Where he’s developed strength what fighter gets his trainer had? It’s hopeless.”
The undefeated WBC champion called IBF, WBA and WBO titleholder Anthony Joshua”a coward”, also stated about his former rival Luis Ortiz:”He is not the boogeyman for me but he’s the boogeyman into the remainder of the division. To this day, nobody states his name.”

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