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Online sports might have started slow, however, it’s doing just fine. The two WV sports combined to create greater betting handle than the three active sportsbooks for your second week in a row.
DraftKings and FanDuel pulled in just under $4 million in betting manage, while retail places managed only $3.7 million.
As a whole, WV sportsbooks accepted around $7.7 million in wagers for the week ending Nov. 16. It is the lowest the state has found in a month Despite the fact that this is a decent figure for each week handle.
Retail books weren’t exceeded by them in terms of earning revenue, while mobile betting apps brought in wagers.
Sportsbooks made around $775,000 per week with approximately 36 percent from online wagering. This is about $150,000 less than they earned.
Sportsbooks should still see a lot of action this weekend Even though the WV school football gambling is coming to an end. This past week, both Marshall and WVU play their last regular-season game of 2019.
The Mountaineers travel to TCU in search of the fifth win of the year. Back in Huntington, Marshall hosts Florida International as it looks to get back into the win column, also.
College basketball is back in the mix. WVU is off to the start and Marshall just nabbed its second success of the early season.
This week’s record includes action
Listed below are the key takeaways in the Nov. 16 amounts:
Until online gaming action captured up to retail’s entire gambling handle, it was only a matter of time. Now that it’s, it seems unlikely that retail sportsbooks could possibly recover the top spot.
This week marks two the online alternatives in WV have approved more stakes. Although it is not by a broad margin, just two months is a tendency that is sure to continue.
Then many folks will opt for the path unless locations in the casinos across the state provide incentives for bettors to combine on gameday. The condition is somewhat close to gaining online sportsbooks in the future, not to mention.
Overall handle for the nation’s marketplace was down this past week, although online manage did better than retail. This is actually the first time handle has dipped under the handle in WV and $ 8 million in three weeks .
Of course $7.7 million in stakes is not a poor week by any criteria, but it will be interesting to see if the manage plateaus or jumps back around $8 in the forthcoming weeks.
Revenue figures might have been about $775,000, however, it could have been a far worse week for sportsbooks. The two WVU and Marshall soccer won and covered the spread for the week of the 16th.
The Mountaineers won as two-touchdown underdogs. Marshall had a week too. It easily covered and conquer Louisiana Tech from 21 points at home.
When both football programs win and cover the spread, the WV earnings figures are significantly lower. The sportsbooks earned some of the cash through wagers along with the NFL.
Here are the??latest figures??released by the WV Lottery Commission since??WV sports began in August 2018:
Figures were downhill despite being a rather busy week at sportsbooks. Total handle hit only $7,705,628.83, that will be an 8 percent drop in the prior week.
Revenue amounts were slower too. Sportsbooks earned $776,857.90, a 16% reduction from the week prior.
Even the Hollywood Casino was among the very few sportsbooks which had. This led the way with a total of more than $5 million.
Although this week’s figure did not match Hollywood’s greatest week, it was fairly close. Its sportsbook has taken over 5 million in wagers in three of their four months.
Hollywood has found its increase in each of their past two weeks. Its manage that this week is approximately $32,000 over last.
Section of the achievement of Hollywood has been thanks to the platform with DraftKings Sportsbook. The online betting app had its best week so far in relation to handle by eclipsing $2.2 million for the first time.
The Greenbrier arrived in second with more than $1.8 million in manage. This is really its sportsbook performance in 3 weeks.
Similar to Hollywood, the mobile affiliate of The Greenbrier has been performing great. Its own FanDuel Sportsbook accounted for 95 percent of its total handle for the week.
In manage from the retail sportsbook of The Greenbrier, the only over $100,000 is its own showing in seven months.
Mountaineer came in last among the books. Its lack of an online sportsbook is growing more evident per week as its handle has been struggling of late.
This is currently the fifth straight week that its handle gets reduced. The $820,000 is Mountaineer’s lowest deal in 10 weeks.
Here’s how the WV sportsbooks position for weekly manage:
Revenue amounts were in the dark this week, however they were not overwhelmingly impressive. Hollywood Casino led in revenue by generating more than $525,000.
This is two straight weeks in which its sportsbook has netted at least $500,000 after losing more than $1.2 million the week of Nov. 2.
Unlike last week after the online book of Hollywood was responsible for the majority of the revenue, it had been its retail location that did this moment to the heavy lifting. Its DraftKings publication earned around $140,000.
The Greenbrier finished in 2nd position with a bit over $150,000. Just enjoy the manage breakdown, its sportsbook made all the earnings. In fact, The Greenbrier book earned less than $14,000.
Mountaineer Casino came in third with just shy of 100,000. That is actually the best showing in 3 weeks of its sportsbook.
Figures could be reducing soon with all the season coming to a close, while the soccer season helped Mountaineer for handle and revenue . Before it drops too far from, mountaineer should launch its own online sportsbook soon.
Here’s the way the WV sportsbooks position for earnings:
As this weekend marks the last WV school soccer games for the regular time, college football bettors need to get their wagers. WVU will look to end the year on a high note.
Marshall football plays FIU at home with hopes it could enhance its December-bowl bidding.
Here are the two games’ chances Offered by the two sports gambling apps in DraftKings the state and FanDuel:
There is not much time left to get teams around the outside looking in, Even though the NFL includes left to its season. That bye weeks are NFL bettors may enjoy 16 games every week.
Listed below are the Week 13 chances for the teams according DraftKings and FanDuel:
Chris Imperiale covers the internet casino businesses and sports betting. He has a journalism degree from Rutgers University and was previously on staff in Bleacher Report.
Bet with your head, not on it. Call 1-800-GAMBLER if you’ve got a problem.

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