WWE: New face for Firefly Fun House on tonight’s SmackDown

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A new addition will be made on tonight’s episode of SmackDown to Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House.
The Fiend is at the moment, having successfully defended his name that is Universal and with many news outlets reporting that he’s currently the company merchandise vendor.
His struggle Bryan was a typically gruelling one both emotionally and emotionally and tonight’s SmackDown may offer a glimpse into where the Universal Champion’s head is at.
Wyatt will show a new face at”Firefly Fun House” that Friday. Can something or somebody be joining the crew of Abby the Witch, Huskus that the Pig Boy, Mercy the Buzzard and Rambling Rabbit? Can they really have a buddy? Or does Wyatt have anything far larger and sinister in shop?
SmackDown to trace Raw’s example?
At which NXT play with a resounding success the roster were treated to a form of stern criticism from Seth Rollins due to their performances in Chicago.
Rollins’ pep talk did no go with wrestlers and Kevin Owens hitting on him with a Stunner to confirm the new places of the two men on each side of the split that is face/heel.
Roman Reigns is unlikely to take such an abrasive approach with his colleagues that are SmackDown but there could be some soul-searching in shop for the brand which finished in the middle of the three but still beneath the complete Sail squad.
Challengers to emerge that is new?
The Fiend successfully vanquished Daniel Bryan in Survivor Series but it feels as though their issues with each other are not going to finish any time soon.
From branches and the women’s, however, new challengers have to be discovered for Bayley and also The New Day respectively and they’ll enter those programs on the rear of declines at Survivor Series.
Naomi has been mentioned in dispatched as somebody who may step up to challenge the Bayley, while New Day will face competition in the team they beat for its straps, The Revival, and Heavy Machinery.

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