WWE SmackDown: The Fiend drags Daniel Bryan through ring

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The Fiend dragged Daniel Bryan throughout the SmackDown ring last night and pledged to”change” his latest challenger.
Bray Wyatt previously introduced a customised title which his Fiend creation will probably be sporting after winning the Universal name.
He made the first successful defence of the tournament and provided him a second shot at the gold on last night’s display.
Bryan accepted as the crowd joined him to get a loudly”Yes” chant but Wyatt immediately took the initial steps on his intended route to alter the much-loved WWE star.
Since the lights turned to red, The Fiend made his entrancebursting through the ring and dragging Bryan into it with him.
From that point, he began to”alter” Bryan, seemingly tearing out clumps of the hair…
Evans confronts Banks and Bayley
Bayley and Sasha Banks set out to cast blame for the SmackDown girls’s Survivor Series shortcomings, but they might have only drawn the interest of the next challenger to the title of Bayley.
Having had enough with the derision that was verbal, Lacey Evans took to the ring to give Bayley and Banks a piece of her brain – and also a Woman’s Right, for Your Boss.
The Sassy Southern Belle tapping Bayley’s championship for a way to mock the titleholder’s tap-out loss to Shayna Baszler at Survivor Series proved to be a step too far for Banks, who stepped in front of her friend and ally before ingesting a ideal cross from Evans.
There was a stunned Bayley left to check with obtained an emphatic warning Together with Evans making her exit.
Sheamus comeback confirmed
At a movie that was succinct, Sheamus confirmed he’s back and ready for action following a lengthy spell out to the WWE sidelines.
Sheamus known as top stars, for example, Baron and Fiend Corbin since he made his intentions apparent, while the statement, delivered right into the camera lasted 70 seconds.
His former spouse in The Bar, Cesaro, has been locked in an alliance with Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn, which could result in the Celtic Warrior returning as a singles competition SmackDown.

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