Zlatan Ibrahimovic statue vandalized in Malmo after soccer star buys stake in rival club

According to authorities, the events took place on Wednesday following the statement that Ibrahimovic had obtained a bet at Stockholm-based Hammarby.
Back in Malmo, a statue of the player was vandalized with a racist messaged sprayed on the ground.
Malmo police told that it had opened up a case to investigate the vandalism of this statue outside the football stadium.
The drive also supported a distinct case had opened up over threats.
No suspects have been detained or charged, authorities said.
Ibrahimovic, that is the top goalscorer with 62 goals in matches of Sweden, has played some of Europe’s greatest clubs such as Juventus, Ajax, Inter Milan, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain along with Manchester United.
He’s spent the previous two seasons playing using LA Galaxy at the US.
“Hammarby is a wonderful club with passionate supporters and is well respected in Stockholm and Sweden,” Ibrahimovic informed Hammarby’s site.
“I’ve always enjoyed the club and its fans, and I am also impressed with the club’s accomplishments over the last decades, both on and off the pitch. To be a part of and to assist Hammarby in its own progress feels both exciting and fun.”
The 38-year-old, who is a free agent after leaving LA Galaxy earlier this month, also released a post on Instagram along with his surname on the rear of a Hammarby shirt, even though he has made clear he has no intention of playing the club.
“I’ve said for 10 years I’m not going to play soccer in the Allsvenskan. It’s not going to occur,” he told Aftonbladet.
Has contacted the representatives of Ibrahimovic for comment.

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