Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Why has the Swedish striker invested in Hammarby?

No public figure from Sweden has a larger ability to steer the national and worldwide news program than Zlatan Ibrahimovic, so whenever the country’s record goalscorer published an 11-second video clip Tuesday in which his name has been unveiled on the rear of a Hammarby shirtand also the shockwaves were instantaneous.
Back in Sweden, fans and journalists scrambled to attempt to figure out the meaning: Why Were Ibrahimovic, the best paid player in Major League Soccer, really coming to Hammarby?
International onlookers had a straightforward question?
It was disclosed that Ibrahimovic hadn’t joined the Stockholm side as a participant – he insists he will never return into the Allsvenskan – but had bought a quarter of their stocks.
For an outsider it might not seem like an obvious option. In reality, Ibrahimovic’s movement appears incredibly savvy and suggests he or whoever is advising him has been paying attention.
After the 38-year-old told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet on Wednesday that Hammarby are the club together with”the best potential to develop into the largest in Scandinavia” that he wasn’t exaggerating.
While Malmo and Gothenburg have an global standing with the silverware to rear this up, Hammarby have only won one league title in their background, and too little European qualifications imply they’ve received little exposure beyond Sweden.
Potential is exactly what Ibrahimovic is currently purchasing, and he has moved in at a moment. Last season, Hammarby were 1 point from winning the Swedish title on the day of this campaign, their consolation prize of enormous significance of a European location for the first time since 2007 nevertheless.
Of equal importance is that the way they pulled off this upswing, playing with with thrilling, relentlessly attacking football that saw them finish leading scorers in Sweden.
Crucial to that is an analytics department that is revolutionary by standards, and a coaching staff. Hammarby have.
Then there is their greatest asset of all, the fanbase. There are numerous claims to the title”club of the population” but in Stockholm, Hammarby’s assert is most powerful.
Despite their decoration cupboard that is thin, and despite enduring ages down in the next division as lately as 2014, both the green and whites possess a support which turns out, through thin and thick.
At the next tier, selling out their 30,000 capacity stadium turned into a point of pride, and that loyalty has only gone from strength to strength since.
Hammarby regularly Sweden’s presence table and 2019 wasn’t any different. Hearing the sold-out crowd sing their pre-match anthem Just idag ar jag stark (Nowadays I’m strong) is a goosebumps-raising adventure for anybody fortunate enough to watch it.
As for what Hammarby gain out of their backer that is brand new monetary input is likely to be restricted but you needed to examine the homepage to find the global vulnerability he brings, the deal being explained by an infrequent language post on Wednesday of the club.
His profile and capability to open doors to potential sponsors should create an opportunity for Hammarby while his global reputation could help them to bring in more talent who would otherwise have been unaware.
Just take an enviable link between fans and club, and a kind of football which is easy on the eye and made to work in Europe, then blend it with new Zlatan’s international hit, and something big may be about to happen in the capital.
Hammarby are all on a wave’s crest and Ibrahimovic will help them ride it, so there’s real enthusiasm in Stockholm.
In Sweden on the flip side, there is a real sense of betrayal.
Malmo supporters had expected when Ibrahimovic returned to Sweden it would be with the club that raised him. Instead, Malmo are left considering a statue of their hero out their own ground, by investing in one of the rivals while he prepares.
Ibrahimovic’s playing times are not really over yet, and he’s still expected to play his last couple of seasons in Serie A, however, the door has definitively been closed onto his own boyhood club, while a new one opens for a post-playing future further north.

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